1.Did agrowin gel is good for rubber trees?
Yes agrowin gel is good for rubber trees and farmers

2.While using agrowin gel is profit or loss?
100% sure that profit

3.What is the main purpose of using agrowin gel?
Agrowin will increase milk of the trees not only milk it will increase DRC also

4.Agrowin gel can be used in brown bast trees?
Agrowin gel is very good for brown bast trees If there is no milk in the tree while using agrowin gel milk will come from the tree(90%of trees milk will be coming)

5.Do agrowin is harmful for body?
No it is not harmful for body

6.While using agrowin do any side effect is affected to the trees?
No there is no side affect to trees and it is good for trees

7.How much should be used in each application?
One gram should be used for each application

8.While stoping using agrowin gel will affect the trees?
No it wouldn’t affect

9.What is the ideal age of the rubber tree to apply agrowin
While start tapping agrowin gel can be used.

10.How are rubber trees affected?
Generally they are affected by the following:
Frequent tapping
Stimulants absorb all the water from the roots
Nutrient stress
Germs passing through the cuts

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