Agrowin Contains Bio- chemical vitamin to overcome the problems faced by the rubber plantation holders. Agrowin helps to cure bacterial infections in rubber trees. Agrowin also

  • a) Keeps the rubber trees healthy
  • b) Lengthen the span of rubber trees
  • c) Increase the yield of latex and DRC
  • d) No side effects the rubber trees

Directions to use Agrowin
  • a) Remove the dry latex
  • b) Use brush to apply the agrowin gel the bark
  • c) Use 1 gram of Agrowin for each tree
  • d) Allow 24 hours of interval after every application of Agrowin gel
  • e) applying Agrowin gel for every 15 days.

The Effectiveness of Agrowin

  • a) The bark becomes soft and easy to tap
  • b) More new green leaves and rejuvenates the tree barks
  • c) Increases the yield of latex from 80% - 100% and DRC increase
  • d) Reduce infection and stimulates better growth of rubber trees.

  • a ) Don not mix water or other solution
  • b) Do not expose to sun light
  • c) Keep out of reach from Childern.
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